It has been now over six years since I published the AVGA for the first time. Thanks for all those who used my code and also for the support, especially thanks to Matt for the "retrowiz" idea, to Amalas and Slime for their great design and to Ben Vedder for his awesome level editor!


I never had time to make it as much popular as for example Uze did with his Uzebox. It was the same year when he started. Nevertheless, recently, a guy named Matej Hudak from slovakia comes with the retrowiz name and retrowiz idea. And it is allready known amongst my friends that I never leave my projects. So I started very-slowly with the retrowiz hardware - and I wanted it to be something different than most other microcontroler video generators do. I decided to go for VGA, despite it is a progressive scan video and I could get twice the resoultion with composite video. But it was a challenge and AVGA could do that.