The RetroWiz Project

ATMEGA328 based retro AT-PC computer. Anything else, but the most famous AVR from Arduino with few resistors manages VGA output, audio output, SD card and PS/2 keyboard. The code is open sourced under GPL.

Don't know what to do with your old CRT monitor and PS/2 keyboard? Don't throw them away. This platform enables you to turn your AVR for $2 into a retro PC computer. No other chips are needed. You can code games like Commander Keen or whatever you want with 168*200 pixels and 16 colors. All keyboard, audio and video processing is done by software in background. The system is based on my original AVGA platform. Synthesizer and Arduino support is coming soon!




  • No external semiconductors (well, the voltage stabiliser ...)
  • Outputs progressive VGA signal with NO interlacing or flickering
  • PS/2 keyboard input
  • Synthesizer-enabled stereo audio output
  • SD card for games and game data
  • Resolution of 168*200 pixels with 16 colors
  • Overlay sprite engine
  • Smooth four-way scrolling